MANTIS Offers HEX Modular Deposition System for Coatings and Metallic Films

MANTIS Offers HEX Modular Deposition System for Coatings and Metallic Films

MANTIS offers the HEX modular deposition system that integrates the latest thin film technologies into a compact, bench top platform at reduced cost. The system delivers high performance and provides an unparalleled level of customization and user control. Using a range of system and source options, users can easily operate the platform either manually or automatically.

The HEX has a modular design and enables critical elements to be detached, replaced and interacted with, allowing student labs to examine the material, mechanical and growth elements of thin film and nanomaterials. The HEX is compact and can be placed within the glovebox or on a table. It can even be configured with various deposition sources, such as a 2” magnetron sputter source, one boat thermal source, and one pocket mini e-beam source.

With fast and low-cost reconfiguration option, the HEX makes it possible to provide training on a reproducible platform for several deposition and coating methods, ranging from thermal, sputtering and e-beam deposition methods to sample preparation for surface analysis.

Key Features

The main features of the HEX platform are:

  • Compact and modular design
  • Excellent user control and customization
  • Can be configured with various deposition sources
  • Can be easily reconfigured at reduced cost
  • Can be operated both manually and automatically
  • Standard base pressure in the chamber is 10-6 Torr
  • Sample stage is perfect for holding 4” wafer
  • Wide range of sources and system options are available


The applications of the HEX platform are:

  • Clean room and glove box evaporation
  • Research and development of coatings and metallic films
  • Sample preparation for surface analysis through SPM, TEM, SEM and electron spectroscopy
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