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The SAXSpace Nanostructure Analyzer For Advanced Nanostructure Analysis from Anton Paar

The Anton Paar SAXSpace is an advanced nanostructure analyser, built on small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SWAXS), which is easy to handle and user-friendly.

Nano sample particles disperse X-rays towards small angles, meaning the scattering pattern offers accurate data on the shape and size of nanostructures.

This means many structures can be studied using this machine including pharmaceuticals, proteins, polymers, foods, nanostructured surfaces and much more.

Key Features

The salient features of the SAXSpace are:

  • Easy operation: Push-button alignment and auto-detection of sample stages
  • Scatterless beam collimation concept for high resolution and exceptional SWAXS data
  • Flexible design and large sample chamber to address various experimental needs
  • TrueFocus: Simple and time-saving alignment at the push of a button
  • TrueSWAXS: Small and wide-angle scattering measurements at scattering angles of approximately 80° 2θ
  • SmartSAXS: Dual beam concept with numerous beam line option for high sample throughput and unlimited experimental possibilities
  • High-throughput screening of solid and liquid nanostructured samples
  • StageMaster: Accurate XYZ stage with automatic detection of sample stages
  • Flexible sample stages and holders for a variety of applications
  • Small footprint


  • SAXSquant: Instant data processing utilizing customizable templates
  • Versatile software for SAXS data interpretation
  • SAXSdrive: Complete system control for automated SWAXS experiments
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