FT-FS1000 Mechanical Probe from FemtoTools

FT-FS1000 Mechanical Probe from FemtoTools


The FemtoTools FT-FS1000 Mechanical Probe is the world’s most versatile micromechanical testing instrument. The system is designed for the direct and accurate, probe-based mechanical testing for applications in MEMS testing, nanoscience, material science and biology and builds on over 10 years of experience in the field micromechanical testing.

Equipped with one of the FemtoTools FT-S Microforce Sensing Probes this system can perform a wide range of micromechanical testing principles such as:

  • Compression testing
  • Tensile testing
  • Bending testing
  • Creep testing
  • Cyclic testing

Due to the modular buildup of the FT- FS1000 Mechanical Probe, the instrument can be adapted to the requirements of a specific application and integrated into the most suitable microscope.Examples:

  • Vertical compression testing of a MEMS based micromirror on a probe station (topview) for the measurement of stiffness, deformation range and actuation force.
  • Horizontal cyclic stretching of a protein fiber submerged in liquid on an inverted (biological) microscope for the measurement of elastic/plastic deformations under cyclic loads.

The standard, graphical-user-interface based software package supplied with the system enables the user- friendly steering and automation of the measurement task as well as the display and exporting of the measurement results. Additionally, the FT-WMS01 Modular Mechanical Testing Software allows for the efficient development of customized measurement software.

Typical Application

MEMS testing

  • Multi-axis stiffnessmeasurements oninertial sensors
  • Electromechanical testing of micro-actuators (e.g. actuation-force, actuation-range)
  • Stiffness maps of pressure sensors
  • Cyclic or creep testing of e.g. polymer based MEMS structures


  • Mechanical testing of single embryo cells
  • Mechanical testing of biological fibers
  • Measurements of interaction forces with microorganisms

Material Science

  • Bending testing for e.g. the extraction of Young’s modulus
  • Compression testing of CNT array
  • Mechanical characterization of microbeads


FT-FS1000 Mechanical Probe from FemtoTools

FT-FS1000 micromechanical probe, for the direct and accurate probe-based mechanical testing for applications in MEMS testing, nanoscience, material science and biology
Biomaterial mechanics testing on an inverted microscope
Nanomechanical testing on a probestation
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