FT-G Microgripper from FemtoTools


The FT-G Microgripper series is designed to handle micro-sized objects and are accessories to one of the FemtoTools Microhandling systems, such as the FT-GS1000 Microassembler.

The initial openings of the gripper arms are 30 µm, 60 µm and 100 µm (or customizable up to 400 µm). The opening can be controlled with nanometer precision, such that the gripper arms are fully closed upon applying the maximum actuation voltage.

Both the FT-G32 and the FT-G102 Force Sensing Microgripper feature an integrated force sensor to measure the gripping force. Force feedback greatly enhances the efficiency and reliability of automated microhandling and assembly processes.

Available in the following configurations:

Microgripper Opening Force Sensor
FT-G32 0 - 30 µm yes
FT-G62 0 - 60 µm no
FT-G102 0 - 100 µm yes

Compatible Microrobotic Systems

  • FT-GS1000 Microassembler
  • FT-RS1000 Microrobotic Station


  • Handle sub-millimeter objects ranging from 0.001 mm to 0.4 mm with nanometer precision
  • High-resolution electrostatic actuation
  • Highly precise fabricated gripper dimensions for the handling of micro- and nanoscale samples
  • High gripping speed
  • No heating of gripper arms
  • No performance degradation over more than 100 million load cycles
  • High-resolution gripping force measurement (unique on the market)
  • Handling of fragile samples
  • Detection of successful gripping, object size and mechanical properties
  • The gripper arms are insulated from the actuator and can be set to any electrical potential
  • Air, liquid and vacuum compatible (application inside a SEM)

Typical Application

  • High-precision, pick-and-place operations
  • Sample preparation
  • Microassembly, Nanoassembly
  • Force-controlled handling of sensitive objects
  • Micro-object sorting
  • SEM in-situ handling and assembly
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