Evactron® Decontaminator Model 40 and 45 – Remote Plasma Cleaning for Vacuum Systems

The rack mounted Evactron® DeContaminator models can be embedded into FIBs, SEMs and other vacuum systems offering system manufacturers the ability to integrate remote plasma cleaning capability. Gas-phase radicals are provided by the Evactron 40 and 45 de-contaminators that flow downstream through the chamber removing hydrocarbon contamination. Over 1,200 users globally report that there are no X-ray window failures. A simple button push enables the VentDetect™ Evactron Cleaning start process.

Key Features

The key features of the Evactron Decontaminator Model 40 and 45 are:

  • Simple operation and setup
  • Preset pressure, power and time settings
  • E-45 can be operated from either front panel or computer interface
  • Advanced plasma detection logic
  • Cleaning and error logs record history and aid troubleshooting
  • Wide Pressure Range
  • E-40 can only be operated from computer interface
  • Optional shroud available to cover transducer and valve assembly on the
  • Plasma Radical Source
  • Start cleaning by using chamber vent and evacuation controls
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