Zetasizer Nano S90 Particle Size Analyzer from Malvern Instruments

Zetasizer Nano S90 Particle Size Analyzer from Malvern Instruments

Zetasizer Nano S90, the low-cost, entry level system from Malvern Instruments, is suitable for applications where similar results to a legacy system with 90 degree scattering optics are needed. The system is designed for measuring molecular weight using static light scattering and for measuring molecular and particle size at a 90 degree scattering angle utilizing dynamic light scattering.

The Zetasizer Nano S90 system can also be used in those applications where the ultimate in sizing sensitivity is not required. It can be upgraded to include zeta potential at a later date.

Key Features

The main features of the Zetasizer Nano S90 are:

  • Molecular weight measurement down to 9,800 Da.
  • Size measurement from 0.3 nm (diameter) to 5 µm using 90 degree scattering optics
  • Autotitrator option allows automation of measurements
  • Optical filter option to enhance measurements with fluorescent sample
  • Temperature range extension option to 120°C
  • Research software option provides to more features and analysis algorithms for the light scattering specialist
  • 21CFR part 11 software option allows compliance with ER/ES
  • Alternative laser, 50 mW at 532 nm for samples incompatible with the traditional 633nm laser
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