GPC/SEC with Triple Detector for Molecular Weight Characterisation – Malvern Viscotek TDAmax

Malvern Instruments offers Viscotek TDAmax, a complete stand-alone multi-detector GPC/SEC system designed for molecular size and molecular weight measurement of macromolecules, such as natural and synthetic polymers, proteins, copolymers, etc.

This research grade system includes three components: the TDA 305 Triple Detector Array, the GPCmax integrated solvent and sample delivery module, and the OmniSEC software. The TDA 305 includes RI, light scattering detectors, and also a UV detector (optional) and viscometer. The chromatography columns and the built-in detectors are fully temperature controlled up to 80°C to guarantee maximum detector stability. The detectors are also joined in series to assure ultra-high sensitivity.

Key Features

The main features of the Viscotek TDAmax are:

  • Direct output of absolute molecular weight of polymers sans extrapolation using Low angle light scattering (LALS)
  • Absolute molecular weight of protein aggregation, protein stability, and small polymers using Right angle light scattering (RALS)
  • Polymer and protein structure information using intrinsic viscosity detector
  • Copolymer composition utilizing photo-diode array UV detector
  • Autosampler increases throughput and enhances repeatability
  • 3D absorption plot for chemical identification of each component
  • Molecular size in terms of the radius of gyration (Rg) and hydrodynamic diameter (Rh)
  • Sophisticated GPC/SEC software can transition from data to results in just two clicks
  • Full suite of calibration and GPC/SEC calculation types
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant
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