HBLED Batch Production Solutions - PlasmaPro NGP1000 from Oxford Instruments

For over 15 years, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has been a leading supplier of high-volume batch plasma tools in the production market with a wide installed base of HBLED production solutions in operation.

The PlasmaPro NGP1000 PECVD system has been developed for the deposition of SiO2 and SiNx layers. It comes with large-area electrode and enhanced design, allowing up to 61 x 2”, 15 x 4” or 7 x 6” wafers in a single load. This system has been particularly designed for passivation deposition in HBLED production.

The PlasmaPro NGP1000 Etch system has been designed for GaN, AlGaInP and Sapphire etch. Its batch sizes range from 55 x 2”, 13 x 4” or 5 x 6” with cross batch uniformity of <+/-5% and yield market leading volumes of wafers/month. The system delivers enhanced etch processes, offering excellent batch output for all etching applications.

Key Features

The main features of PlasmaPro NGP1000 are:

  • 490 mm electrode offers superior output from industry-leading batch sizes of up to 7 x 6” wafers
  • Reliable hardware and simple serviceability for outstanding uptime
  • Enhanced for batch production, the NGP1000 contains a vacuum load lock as standard, with open load and cluster capability options
  • System design enhanced to reduce cleaning overhead
  • High-quality device performance and yield
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Provides excellent benefits for HBLED manufacturers
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