Batch Etch Technology for HBLED Industry - PlasmaPro1000 Astrea

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has introduced an evolutionary Batch Etch technology with the PlasmaPro1000 Astrea large batch etch system. With wide experience of etching all HBLED-related materials, Oxford’s technologies allow the cost of ownership and help maximize the performance of devices.

The HBLED industry demands maximum output, optimum device quality and reduced cost of ownership. The PlasmaPro1000 Astrea system delivers solutions that meet the requirements of the HBLED industry. It has been specifically designed for the harsh chemistries necessary for HBLED materials and provides rapid etch rates equally across large wafer batches.

Key Features

The main features of the PlasmaPro1000 Astrea large batch etch system are:

  • 490 mm electrode offers excellent output from industry leading batch sizes of 55x2 inch, 14x4 inch, 7x6 inch and 3x8 inch
  • >690 mm large area source for highly consistent plasma
  • Dual-entry gas inlet for simple process tuning
  • Z-movement electrode for maximum uniformity
  • Increased clamping for wafer cooling
  • High conductance pumping system
  • Reliable hardware and simple serviceability for outstanding uptime
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