TI 750L Ubi Test Instrument for Mechanical Characterization of Materials by Hysitron

Hysitron’s TI 750L Ubi is a nanomechanical test instrument designed for dedicated nanoscale tribological and mechanical characterization of materials.

The system is fitted with patented capacitive transducer technology from Hysitron and is also equipped with in-situ SPM imaging to offer a high level of data accuracy, reliability, and repeatability. Automated software routines together with motorized staging reduce time to results and simplify operation.

The TI 750L enables users to quantitatively distinguish the nanomechanical properties of a wide range of materials including polymers, ceramics, glasses, metals, biological samples, and biomedical materials, whether they are in the form of coatings, composites, thin films, or bulk materials.

The TI 750L instrument offers instant experimental results and quantitative data for elastic modulus, hardness, surface topography, nano-wear, and fracture toughness on a wide range of materials.

Key Features

The main features of the Hysitron TI 750L Ubi are:

  • Patented in-situ SPM imaging as standard.
  • Automated testing for high throughput and statistical sampling of material properties.
  • Improved lateral measurements for ultra-thin film tribological characterization.
  • Hysitron's digital controller for high precision force or displacement controlled nanomechanical testing.
  • In-situ imaging for topography measurements and nanometer precision positioning.
  • Stage with sub-micron resolution for precise sample positioning.
  • Color top-down optics for viewing and selection of testing sites.
  • Thermal and acoustic enclosure, plus stable transducer design for reduced set-up and stablization time.
  • Passive vibration dampening system guarantees low noise and high sensitivity.
  • Various add-ons that enable a wide array of testing capabilities.
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