Hysitron TI 750H Ubi™ Depth-sensing Indenter

The TI 750H Ubi depth-sensing indenter available from Hysitron is exclusively designed for quantitative mechanical characterization of composites, thick films, and bulk materials. The system includes Hysitron's patented Multi-Range NanoProbe technology that makes it perfect for applications demanding a larger force range or extended indenter travel.

Using Hysitron's capacitive transducer technology, the TI 750H Ubi can be easily upgraded for future testing requirements, for instance true nanoscale characterization. In addition, the system is fitted with automated software routines and motorized staging to bring down time to results and simplify instrument operation.

The TI 750H has a force range covering six orders of magnitude and a displacement range covering three orders of magnitude. These features make the TI 750H a highly versatile tool for nanoscale and microscale characterization of mechanical properties.

Key Features

The main features of the TI 750H Ubi are:

  • Exclusive piezo-loading, high-precision flexure and capacitive sensing transducer technology provides low thermal drift and excellent stability.
  • Digital controller for high precision force or displacement controlled nanomechanical testing.
  • Customizable force range from 500 mN to 10 Nm, depending on the application.
  • Thermal and acoustic enclosure, along with stable transducer design reduces set-up and stablization time.
  • Staging with sub-micron resolution for precise sample positioning.
  • Automated testing for high throughput and statistical sampling of materials.
  • Passive vibration dampening systems ensure low noise and excellent sensitivity.
  • Color top-down optics for viewing and selection of testing sites.
  • Various add-ons enable a wide array of testing capabilities.
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