Hysitron TS 75 TriboScope® for Nanomechanical Testing

Hysitron offers an advanced nanomechanical test instrument called TS 75 TriboScope. This system is a complete, integrated AFM attachment exceeding the lower limit of conventional nanomechanical testing. It can be interfaced with most commercially available atomic force microscopes (AFMs).

The increased testing speed and performance of the TS 75 allows researchers to achieve quantitative mechanical properties; precisely test smaller volumes of material; reliably test softer materials; and obtain a faster sample throughput.

The TS 75 has an in-situ SPM imaging capability, which is vital for accurate test placement and microstructure identification. Users can obtain the in-situ images by scanning the indenter probe across the surface of the sample.

Through this method, pre- and post-test topographical imaging can be easily acquired without the need for repositioning an auxiliary imaging instrument over the nanoscale testing site.

During the test, the force and displacement results obtained along with the in-situ imaging capability provides considerable amount of information relating to the mechanical properties of the material and material deformation behavior.

Key Features

The main features of the TS 75 TriboScope are:

  • performech DSP control unit.
  • Hysitron's patented capacitive transducer for excellent stability and sensitivity.
  • Can be interfaced with most commercial AFM systems.
  • In-situ SPM imaging capability for accurate test placement and microstructure identification.
  • High testing speed and performance.
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