Viscosizer 200 for Automated Size and Absolute Viscosity Analysis

Viscosizer 200 for Automated Size and Absolute Viscosity Analysis

Malvern offers an advanced microcapillary UV area imaging instrument, the Viscosizer 200. The system uses microcapillary UV detection technology to offer automated hydrodynamic size and absolute viscosity measurements of nanoparticles, small molecules and proteins across a broad range of sample concentrations, which require only 0.1µL of sample for sizing measurements and 7µL of sample for viscosity measurements.

Wavelength selection enables molecular specificity, accommodating viscosity and size measurements in the presence of excipients, under typical formulation buffer conditions.

Key Features

The key features of the Viscosizer 200 are:

  • Absolute viscosity
  • Mass weighted hydrodynamic size
  • Dual zone temperature control
  • Complete automation for concentration and shear rate trends
  • Wide range of working concentrations
  • Intuitive SOP driven software for instrument control and data analysis
  • User selectable incident light wavelength
  • Standard formulation conditions eliminate dilution
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