Automated Magnetron Sputtering System – Caroline D12B3 from ESTO-Vacuum

ESTO has designed Caroline D12B3 system for double-sided magnetron deposition on any flat substrates such as ceramic, silicon etc. with a thickness of less than 30mm and diameter of less than 150mm. Maximum surface processing is 150x350mm.

The D12B3 system is fitted with four pairs of magnetron units, so sputter deposition is carried out in vertical direction on the inner as well as on the outer sides of substrates. Substrate holders are placed on a rotating drum. The system includes a vacuum chamber, which has a specific door fitted with an ion source and two heaters. The system’s magnetron units can sputter any material, including resistive alloys of chromium, copper, aluminum, nickel, etc.

Key Features

The main features of the Caroline D12B3 system are:

  • Preheating of substrates and sustaining the substrates temperature throughout film deposition
  • Preliminary cleaning of DC ion source surface for improved adhesion of the sputtered films
  • Any magnetron target sputtering on controllable shutter
  • Gas consumption control and gas flow rate stabilization in each channel
  • Control of metal and resistive films deposition process based on the resistance of the piece of the substrate and deposition time
  • Full sputtering automation from loading to unloading of substrates
  • Easy-to-install substrates holders for fast loading and unloading operations
  • Vertical placement of substrates and targets on the drum
  • Rectangular chamber door allows for easy holders changing
  • Special hydraulic lift mechanism for easy maintenance of chamber equipment


The applications of the Caroline D12B3 system are:

  • Tantalum nitride films deposition
  • Resistive films deposition
  • Thick metal film deposition
  • Consequent PC and metal layers deposition
  • Tantalum and titanium films deposition and layers of corresponding oxides and nitrides
  • Silicon nitride and silicon dioxide films deposition using pure silicon target
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