Hitachi S-3700N, Variable Pressure SEM for Large Specimens

The variable pressure SEM, Hitachi S-3700N includes a specimen chamber that can handle specimen sizes up to 300mm in diameter and 110mm in height at analytical working distance of 10mm. The Hitachi VP-SEM series has been received favorably by customers worldwide.

They feature low vacuum observation method (6 – 270 Pa) which enables observation of non-conductive samples such as electronic components, and water containing samples such as cultured cells, without any sample preparation.

The 3700N's stage has a wide traverse range for observing sample areas over 200mm in diameter and 110mm in height. Moreover, at optimized analytical geometry, simultaneous attachments for EDX, WDX, and EBSP analyses are possible. Electron optics and operational functions follow the specification of the S-3400N.

Key Features

The key features of the Hitachi S-3700N are:

  • Computer eucentric stage with 5 axes motorization—X,Y: 150x110mm; Tilt: -20/+90 degrees

  • The S-3700N features an ultra large specimen chamber and stage to allow observation of specimens at diameters up to 300mm.

  • Versatile port layout: two ports for EDS, one port for WDS, and one port for EBSD. Six additional ports for a variety of optional accessories

  • Standard low-vacuum mode for non-conductive sample imaging without preparation

  • Economical and ecological design with TMP as standard, no cooling water required, 34% less electrical power consumption and 27% smaller footprint than conventional model

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