300kV Field-Emission TEM (FE-TEM) with High Spatial and Energy Resolution – HF-3300 from Hitachi

The 300 kV HF-3300 TEM/STEM combines cold field emission gun (CFEG) technology pioneered by Hitachi with novel functions such as parallel nanobeam electron diffraction, spatially-resolved EELS, and double-biprism electron holography.

The high beam current density and the superior energy resolution of the CFEG necessitates a monochromator for high energy resolution spectroscopy. High coherence and brightness of the CFEG along with the double-biprism electron holography make the HF-3300 the best electron holography instrument for one’s laboratory.

Key FeaturesThe key features of the HF-3300 are:

  • The excellent imaging modes of the HF-3300 produce an ideal tool for high resolution and analytical materials science. TEM, STEM (BF, HAADF), SEM (at 300 kV or lower), EDX/EELS spectroscopic imaging, and electron holography imaging, as well as high sensitivity high energy resolution EDX and EELS provide both structural and chemical information for materials study.

  • The HF-3300 has special configurations for in-situ environmental TEM.

  • Sharing HF-3300 specimen holders with Hitachi FIB systems (NB5000, FB2200) make sample preparation and TEM study a highly efficient data pipeline.

  • It has a cold field emission electron source

  • The accelerating voltage is a maximum of 300 kV

  • It has a resolution of 0.10 nm (lattice), 0.19 nm (point-to-point) and magnification of 200x - 1,500,000x

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