FIB System for Semiconductor SEM/TEM Sample Preparation – FB2200 Focused Ion Beam from Hitachi

The FB2200 enables quick and accurate specimen preparation for both scanning and electron microscopy of semiconductors and other advanced materials. Using a new low aberration ion optical system enables a maximum beam current of 60nA at an accelerating voltage of 40 kV.

Key Features

The key features of the FB2200 are:

  • Site specific micro-sampling preparation from bulk samples is achieved in a completely dry vacuum environment enabling the preparation of samples free from foreign particles, oxidation, charging and other problems

  • A newly developed isolation sample holder allows the encapsulation of a milled specimen into a protective atmosphere for contamination free transfer into an external analysis SEM/TEM.

  • Compatible specimen holders for FB2200 and Hitachi TEMs/SEMs are provided for specimen preparation with high precision and reliability. This arrangement enables milling and microscopy without specimen repositioning when transferring the sample between your Hitachi TEM or SEM minimizing specimen damage during repeated preparation and microscopy.

  • Operators can choose the optimum operating voltage (or beam energy) for milling and microscopy to best suit the specimen

  • Low beam energies of 2kV and 5kV for specimen fine polishing are available as option

  • Hitachi offers compatible sample holders which can be inserted in both, the FIB and the SEM/(S)TEM unit

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