Hitachi FIB/SEM – Integrated Ga-ion FIB and Hi-Res FE-SEM – NB5000 nanoDUE’T

Hitachi FIB/SEM – Integrated Ga-ion FIB and Hi-Res FE-SEM – NB5000 nanoDUE’T

The HITACHI NB5000 FIB-SEM combines a superior 40kV Ga ion FIB column with an ultra-high-resolution Schottky FE-SEM. Similar to the other products of Hitachi, all components have been designed with considering the total system performance.

This results in high stability, milling performance and resolution, allowing automated mill-and-monitor operations for 3D reconstructions with slicing steps down to 5nm.

Key Features

The key features of the NB5000 nanoDUE’T are:

  • NB5000 incorporates two sample stages - one conventional eucentric stage, and an optional TEM hyper stage for ultimate stability and sample holder compatibility with STEM/TEM systems.

  • The vertically mounted FIB allows most milling applications to be done at 0 degree stage tilt with a usable high ion current (>80A in a sub-um spot) and ion energies up to 40kV for ultra-fast sample preparation.

  • TEM samples can be reliably extracted via Hitachi's easy-to-use in-situ (patented) lift-out technology. Cross sections are finalized under low-kV, low-current conditions (1kV) to achieve even sub-50nm thick damage-less samples for Cs-corrected microscopy.

  • The SEM column of the NB5000 offers such as the SU-70, a dual optics mode, with magnetic-field-free live imaging during FIB milling and final TEM lamella fabrication, and a semi-inlens immersion mode for ultra-high resolution observations.

  • Inlens SE and BSE detection are complemented by sub-column BSE detector, a chamber Everhardt-Thornley detector and a segmented photo-diode TE detector, offering BF and selectable angle DF imaging. EDS and EBSD analytical capabilities complete the high performance SEM part.

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