Cold-Emission FE-SEM for Nanotechnology & Functional Materials Research – Ultra High Resolution SU8000 Series from Hitachi

The SU8000 family is an extended lineup of Hitachi’s range of high performance, semi-inlens SEM with cold field emission source. It is a response to a high demand for flexible solutions to application and budget needs. It is based on an enhanced common electron optics platform across the SU8000 family that can achieve a stunning ultra low voltage imaging resolution of just 1.3nm at 1.0kV.

Hitachi High-Technologies uses novel detectors for optimizing imaging performance, including the latest generation of Hitachi’s patented super ExB in-lens detection for energy filtering, charge suppression, and contrast control. The user-friendly GUI with 24.1 inch wide viewing monitor contributes to comfortable operation.

Key Features

The key features of the SU-8000 family are:

  • The cold field emission technology of Hitachi with double condenser optics ensure the superb resolution and full control of probe current from 1pA to more than 5nA and is ideal for observation of sensitive specimens and for elemental analysis (EDX).

  • The members of the SU8000 family offer a range of specimen chamber, stage, and signal detection system configurations to meet the wide range of customer-specific needs for indispensable ultra-high-resolution microscopy in the nanotechnology fields, such as semiconductors, electronics, catalysis and other functional materials, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more.

  • The model SU8010 is an entry-level model with Lower in-chamber/Upper in-lens (Dual) electron detectors.

  • The model SU8020 is Lower/Upper/Top (Triple) electron detectors for extended secondary and low energy backscattered electron collection ability. This novel, ultra-sensitive triple detection system allows high-efficient simultaneous multi-signal imaging and energy filtering in both standard and deceleration electron optics modes.

  • The model SU8030 is a large chamber/large stage model for large or multiple samples, featuring the same Triple signal detecting system like the SU8020.

  • The model SU8040 combines the triple detection system with the high-performance ‘Regulus’ stage for ultra-smooth and fine-controlled stage operation and repeatability, even at ultra-high magnifications.

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