Cold Field Emission SEM for Analytical Microanalysis – Hitachi SU8200

Cold Field Emission SEM for Analytical Microanalysis – Hitachi SU8200

Hitachi’s advanced cold field emission SEM offers unmatched low-voltage imaging and comprehensive analytical microanalysis with the uncompromised performance of CFE.

The 8200 Series FE-SEM uses an innovative cold field emission (CFE) gun for improved imaging and analytical performance. The newly designed Hitachi CFE gun complements the inherent high resolution and brightness of conventional CFE with increased probe current and beam stability.

Key Features

The key features of the Hitachi SU8200 are:

  • Increased probe current for S/N and analytical performance

  • Unparalleled imaging throughput with improved CFE beam stability

  • Improved deceleration and selective energy filter providing fine contrast differentiation at low accelerating voltages

  • The members of the SU8200 family offer a variety of stage, specimen chamber and signal detection system configurations to meet the broad range of customer-specific needs for indispensable ultra-high-resolution microscopy in the nanotechnology fields, such as semiconductors, electronics, catalysis and other functional materials, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more.

  • These models includeSU8220: Standard stage model, SU8230: Large chamber/large stage model and SU8240: Regulus® stage, high precision stage model

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