Ultra-High Resolution Premium FE-SEM from Hitachi – SU9000

Ultra-High Resolution Premium FE-SEM from Hitachi – SU9000

The SU9000 is HITACHI's premium UHR FE-SEM. It characterizes unique electron optics with the sample positioned inside a gap of the split objective lens pole piece. This "true inlens" concept - combined with the next generation of HITACHI's cold field emission technology guarantees the highest possible system resolution (0.4nm @ 30kV, 1.2nm @ 1kV) and stability.

Key Features

The key features of the SU9000 are:

  • The clean vacuum concept of SU9000 offers a one order of magnitude better vacuum level in gun and sample chamber than the previous generation, minimizing sample contamination artefacts

  • Besides pure unsurpassed resolution, the SU9000 is equipped with a remarkable 2+2 detection system for sample surface, composition and transmission observations.

  • While the patented Super ExB filter in combination with the first upper detector allows to filter and collect the SE and LA-BSE signal energies of interest, thereby suppressing charging artefacts and showing topographical details, the top detector selectively receives HA-BSE signal, providing topography-free information of material and crystallographical orientation differences.

  • This signal selection technology makes the SU9000 also a preferred system for catalyst research and in combination with a cryogenic sample holder - biological and pharmaceutical immune-labeling applications.

  • The SU9000 is also a most powerful STEM, showing often higher contrast on critical sample features than high-energy S-TEM systems.

  • Brightfield and annular darkfield imaging is possible simultaneously, with the darkfield detector settable to 56 different positions for an optimized selection of Z-contrast of the pattern of interest.

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