Hitachi SU6600 – High Resolution Analytical FE-SEM

Hitachi SU6600 – High Resolution Analytical FE-SEM

The SU6600 is Hitachi's high-resolution analytical field emission SEM with variable pressure technology enabling observation and analysis of any type of oily, wet or dirty sample.

Advanced Schottky electron gun technology combined with the company’s exclusive ADAPT, automated differential aperture system, yields greater than 200nA of current, ten times the current other manufacturers can provide with thermal emissions.

The large analytical chamber accommodates EDS, WDS, EBSP and CL simultaneously and at the same analytical working distance.

Key Specifications

The specifications of the analytical FE-SEM are:

Electron Gun ZrO/W Schottky Electron Source
Beam Current Less than or equal to 200nA
Automated Differential Aperture technology
Resolution 1.2nm at 30kV
3.0nm at 1kV
3.0nm at 60Pa with ESED
3.0nm at 30Pa with BSED
Stage 110mm x 110mm; X and Y
Chamber Large analytical chamber


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