High-Contrast/High-Resolution Biological TEM – Hitachi HT7700

Hitachi offers the sleek HT7700, whose radical design includes the ergonomics and user friendliness of a SEM with advanced automation, resolution and analytical capabilities of a TEM. Imaging is totally digital, one will not find a viewing or a projector chamber and Hitachi’s EMIP-SP database software automatically catalogues the single frame and montaged images.

The turbopump evacuation system guarantees fast pumpdown times and a clean vacuum environment.

Key Features

The key features of the Hitachi HT7700 are:

  • Ergonomic design, operates with the ease of a SEM
  • No viewing or camera chamber
  • High stability 5-axis side-entry Hiper stage
  • Turbopump vacuum system
  • Auto-brightness, focus and astigmatism correction
  • 3-D tomography
  • Low magnification/wide field of view
  • Auto multi-frame - automated digital montage function
  • BF/DF STEM and EDS options
  • High-resolution objective lens option
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