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DynaMyc Spectrofluorometer from Horiba Scientific

DynaMyc Spectrofluorometer from Horiba Scientific

DynaMyc is the user friendly instrument for investigating dynamic events in microscopic samples, such as energy transfer and molecular binding. HORIBA Scientific, leader in fluorescence spectroscopy, offers an advanced system to apply time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy on the micron-scale.

The DynaMyc is an automated, confocal microscope featuring the precision and sensitivity of Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting (TCSPC). Its FLIM capabilities include an automated X,Y,Z fast scanning stage, which, combined with its confocal ability, can generate fluorescence lifetime mapping with a spatial resolution at micron level.

The DynaMyc is a flexible research grade tool that combines a large range of picosecond pulsed laser diode sources (spanning wavelengths from 375 to 670 nm and repetition rates from CW to 20 MHz), multiple filter configurations and various detector options to suit your needs. Its imaging capabilities include a CCD camera for the definition of the area of interest, with direct fluorescence imaging possible using an optional high dynamic range low noise cooled camera. The DynaMyc is fully-automated and controlled from the intuitive user interface of our DataStation software. Full reconvolution analysis can be performed to generate maps of the fit parameters such as lifetimes, relative amplitudes, average lifetime, and fluorescence intensity.

Product Features

  • Fully-automated system with fiber coupling, confocal head unit and single photon counting module
  • Lifetime determination from 100 ps to 10 µs
  • New PicoBrite™ high repetition rate lasers, CW or pulsed operation
  • Intuitive data acquisition and analysis software
  • Optional cooled fluorescence camera

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