Xigo Nanotools Acorn Drop - Droplet Size Analyzer for Foams and Emulsions

The Acorn Drop™ particle analyzer from XIGO Nanotools makes use of patented NMR technology for the rapid measurement of foam droplet size and distribution. Unlike instruments based on laser scattering, the Acorn Drop can perform measurements on undiluted samples.

Key Features

The key features of the Acorn Drop Particle Analyzer are:

  • The Acorn Drop’s measuring range is quite broad from 10nm to 100µm. It is possible to directly measure high concentration, highly viscous, opaque and light-sensitive emulsions.
  • The approach is nondestructive, the same sample emulsion can be studied minutes, days or weeks later, facilitating analysis of emulsion stability.

  • The XiGo Acorn Drop is a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NMR) configured to provide single-dimensional imaging and diffusion.

  • The spin-echo of the emulsion or foam is measured as a function of the space between magnetic field gradient pulses.

  • The attenuation of the echo as a function of gradient spacing determines the diffusion coefficient and the corresponding droplet size.

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