Point-and-Shoot MEMS Resonance Frequency Analyzer M150 from Ardic Instruments

Point-and-Shoot MEMS Resonance Frequency Analyzer M150 from Ardic Instruments

The M150 from Ardic Instruments is a MEMS Analyzer used for the characterization of microstructural mechanical properties. It is possible for the user to quickly obtain resonance peaks of a microstructure through wide bandwidth frequency scanning and real-time Fourier transform (FFT). The M150 is a very effective instrument for measurement of resonance frequencies without changing the sample properties by using non-contact optical measurement.

The M150 is an essential instrument for MEMS research, development, and quality control. It features an award winning design that enables users to begin using the instrument with least amount of training. A 1Hz to 4.2MHz wide bandwidth scan can be achieved within a staggering 60 seconds, removing the need for any guesswork.

Key Features

The key features of the M150 are:

  • Wide bandwidth from 1Hz to 4.2MHz
  • 3µm laser spot size
  • 1.23nm displacement resolution
  • Perpetually aligned optical design with autofocus - instant calibration
  • Quick sample loading with built-in excitation source
  • Small-field and large-field CCDs for sample positioning
  • Broadband, out-of-plane, and real-time frequency response information


The M150 is used for the development and quality control of most MEMS sensors, including:

  • Accelerometers, gyrometers, magnetometer and electrical compasses
  • MEMS microphone, MEMS speaker
  • Pressure sensors, temperature sensors, MEMS auto-focus actuators and barometers
  • Infrared imaging sensors, absolute pressure transducers, silicon magnetic sensors
  • Proximity sensors, RF switches, MEMS i/o, timing devices
  • Optical/photonic MEMS, inkjet heads, oscillators, fluid flow sensors and display and imaging MEMS
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