Dispersion Stability Analysis and Particle Characterization using LUMiCheck® Demixing Tester from LUM GmbH

The LUMiCheck® Demixing Tester is a measuring instrument that can be used in research, development and QC laboratories. It is deployed for the purpose of quick stability analysis and particle characterization of dispersions, with respect to the comparison of samples of similar type.

In different sample cells, up to 8 concentrated or diluted dispersions can, independent of each other be measured in different sample cells. A touch screen is used to operate the instrument.

It is possible to easily operate the instrument using a touch screen, data storage on a SD memory card as well as the optional battery operation permits the use in many field applications and in all kinds of environments and temperatures.

Quick quantitative comparison between samples and qualitative characterization of demixing behaviour, flocculation, sediment formation and stability result in LUMiCheck® applications for beverages and food, construction material, lubricants, fuels as well as for further emulsions and suspensions.

Key Features

The key features of the LUMiCheck Demixing Tester are:

  • Measure up to eight samples at the same time
  • Operate instrument via a touch-screen LCD
  • Analyze concentrated samples
  • Lightweight, sturdy, compact
  • Measure differences between samples
  • Quickly rank samples
  • Handle any dispersing media: water, oil, solvents
  • Use disposable cells
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