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The LUMiFuge® Stability Analyser from LUM enables the objective quantification and classification of demixing phenomena with the easy and fast determination of stability and shelf-life of dispersions. It is an ideal instrument for quality control, quality assurance and process optimization as well as for process control related research and development.

The device simultaneously determines the demixing processes of 8 different dilute or concentrated suspensions/emulsions based on patented STEP technology. It is possible to measure at the same time, different sample cell types and physical references.

In comparison with traditional test tube tests, the multisample analytic centrifuge improves the demixing process up to 2300 times. Stability tests and shelf-life determinations of original dispersions are up to 2500 times faster than performed in a test tube under earth gravity. The analyzer, established for many years, features an easy operation, high flexibility (samples, parameters) and large number of applications.

Key Features

The key features of the LUMiFuge Stability Analyzer are:

  • It can run up to 8 samples simultaneously
  • Differentiate between various instability mechanisms
  • It is possible to obtain fast and direct stability measurements
  • Calculate and predict shelf-life of the emulsion and suspension
  • Optimize the dispersant and emulsifier concentrations and type
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