X-Cite® Exacte Ultra Stable Fluorescence Light Source for Microscope Illumination from Lumen Dynamics

The X-Cite® exacte ultra stable fluorescence light source uses a DC-powered mercury lamp coupled with proprietary closed-loop feedback technology to provide unmatched short and long-term intensity stability, for imaging protocols lasting from milliseconds to days. Light output can also be calibrated in absolute power units or watts ensuring truly repeatable fluorescence illumination for imaging experiments.

Key Features

The key features of the X-Cite Exacte are:

  • DC lamp with Closed-Loop Feedback - Short and long-term intensity stability

  • Calibration via optional Power Meter - Provides output in watts for consistent illumination and empirical repeatability

  • Adjustable Iris with 1% steps - Intensity control limits photobleaching

  • Internal High Speed Shutter - Flexibility in configuring imaging systems for different applications

  • Liquid Light Guide -Excellent illumination uniformity, no heat transferred to microscope

  • Automatic Light Guide Detection - Ensures proper/complete insertion of light guide to optimize performance and lifetime

  • Pre-aligned, 2000 hour lamp - Easy lamp replacement with no alignment required, lower running costs

  • Intelli-Lamp® Technology - Maintains optimum lamp temperature; tracks lamp hours

  • Computer Control & GUI - Enables computer-driven applications and stability data exporting

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