EVG®PHABLE™ Lithography System for the Manufacturing of Photonic Components

EVG®PHABLE™ Lithography System for the Manufacturing of Photonic Components

The EVG® PHABLE exposure system integrates an exclusive, contactless, mask-based lithography approach that allows high-resolution, full-field, and cost-efficient micro- and nanopatterning. The system leverages EVG's extensive expertise in photolithography and has been specifically designed for producing photonic components.

The EVG PHABLE system allows as low as 150nm printing resolution of regular patterns in just a single exposure step. However, a mask-substrate separation gap of several tens of micrometers is maintained while the image depth can be extended to cover the multiple micrometer thick resist without affecting the resolution. This high aerial image aspect ratio enables printing of the same high-resolution patterns onto highly warped surfaces.

Key Features

The main features of the EVG PHABLE exposure system are:

  • High throughput of more than 50 wafers per hour
  • Simple and robust process control
  • Scalable to large areas up to 6"
  • Based on well-established photolithography infrastructure and supply chain
  • Patterning of lines, square, and hexagonal arrays
  • Insensitive to particles and total thickness variation
  • High depth of focus for precise printing in thick resists.
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