qMicro from iZon for Rapid, Accurate Cell Analysis

Izon’s design expertise and ability in nanoparticle analysis is applied to measurement at the micron scale in the qMicro. This has caused an easy, robust and simple to operate a bench top device highly accessible to a wide range of labs.

qMicro is a novel device for simple, quick and precise sizing and counting of cells in solution. A number of cell-based research studies require cells to be counted for standardizing cell concentration between different samples in an experiment. Detailed measurement of the exact volume or size of the individual cells in a sample is valid information for a wide range of applications.

Key Features

The key features of the qMicro from iZon are:

  • Rapid measurement in 5-10 minutes
  • Small footprint benchtop device
  • Accurate size or volume (fl) measurement
  • Precise count (particles/ml)
  • Whole sample analysis
  • Non-destructive and fully retrievable sampling
  • No expensive reagents
  • Robust and student-proof


The applications of the qMicro are:

  • Precise counting and sizing of eukaryotic cells
  • Analysis of cancer cell clusters
  • Haematology research
  • Cell culture
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