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High Resolution Cryo-AFM – Nanoscan PPMS-AFM

High Resolution Cryo-AFM – Nanoscan PPMS-AFM

Nanoscan PPMS-AFM is a high-resolution atomic force microscope (AFM) that provides unparalleled magnetic imaging. The instrument measures less than 25mm in diameter and fits  within Quantum Design's PPMS® (Physical Property Measuring System).

The PPMS-AFM provides all standard measurement modes, such as high-resolution MFM mode, PLL-controlled true non-contact mode, contact mode, and intermittent contact mode.

The combination of AFM and PPMS® provides a flexible nanoscale imaging tool in a variable magnetic field and variable temperature environment. In addition, the available magnetic field options of up to 16T and wide temperature range of 2.8 - 400K offers potential applications in superconductors, phase transitions, 2DEG, magnetic films, etc.

Key Features

The main features of the Nanoscan PPMS-AFM are:

  • Interferometer detection for highest signal-to-noise ratio
  • 12mm maximum sample size
  • Five sample contacts for experiments
  • Dedicated sample temperature sensor
  • Vacuum-operated below 10-4 mbar
  • Compatible with full PPMS® temperature range from 1.9 to 400K
  • Magnetic field control up to 16T with a resolution of 0.02mT
  • Controller fully integrated with PPMS® software


The applications of the Nanoscan PPMS-AFM are:

  • Coupling of thin magnetic films
  • Phase transitions in ferroelectrics
  • Properties of exchange-bias systems
  • Two-dimensional electron gases
  • Distribution and pinning of flux vortices in superconductors
  • Low temperature AFM
  • Switching field distributions in bit-patterned media

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