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DualBeam 235 (DB235) Source for Failure Analysis and Sample Preparation

DualBeam 235 (DB235) Source for Failure Analysis and Sample Preparation

The DB235 is small stage (50mm x 50mm XY) dual beam system combining a Hexalens electron column and a Magnum ion column for failure analysis and high-end sample preparation.

A Schottky field emitter is used for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), while Gallium liquid metal is used for the focused ion beam (FIB) imaging and milling in a range of 1pA to 20nA. 3D imaging can be carried out by using these two beams arranged at a 52° tilt angle.

The resolution is 3 nm for SEM and 7 nm for the FIB. This system is controlled under Window NT system and is capable of cross sectioning, high resolutions SEM imaging, automated TEM sample preparation, and much more. This tool is refurbished and ready for demonstration at TSS microscopy.

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Key Features

  • High resolution imaging with the S-FEG SEM and UHR detectors
  • SE and BSE imaging
  • High accuracy milling with the Magnum ion column
  • Electron and Ion imaging
  • Flexibility and ease of use for FA, QA, R&D and product development
  • TSS can custom configure the DB235 for you

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