Hitachi 5200 Refurbished Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) from Technical Sales Solutions

The Hitachi S-5200 Nano SEM is one of the highest resolution SEM. The magnification range is from 100X to 2,000,000X. This FEG SEM is suitable for observing conductive and non-conductive materials such as ceramics, polymers, catalysts, biological materials and semiconductors. Guaranteed OEM resolution at 1kV is 1.7nm and at 30kV is 0.5nm.

The Hitachi 5200 from Technical Sales Solutions offers high-end SEM imaging at a very reasonable price.  This tool is refurbished and ready for demonstration at Technical Sales Solutions.

Key Features

The key features of S-5200 are:

  • Ultra-high resolution objective lens
  • SE, BSE, and STEM modes
  • Low contamination mode
  • High mechanical stability
  • SEM operation on Windows NT GUI and networking
  • TSS can custom configure the SEM for you


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