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Angstrom Advanced PHE-102 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Angstrom Advanced PHE-102 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Angstrom Advanced offers a complete range of ellipsometers that are specifically designed for thin film thickness measurements, extinction coefficient analysis (n & k), and optical characterization for refractive index.

The PHE-102 is a variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer that operates in the 250 - 1100nm, 250-1700nm or 250-2100nm spectral range. Two technical concepts are available for the PHE-102 spectroscopic ellipsometer. The first concept utilizes a photo-diode array as a detector and enables fast analysis, while the second concept employs a monochromator for wavelength selection. Although the second concept is not quick, it performs with enhanced precision.

Key Features

The main features of the PHE-102 spectroscopic ellipsometer are:

  • Rapid measurement in the UV/VIS range of 250 - 1100nm with diode array detector or motor spectrometer (monochromator)
  • Rotating polarizer offers precise measurement of any polarization state
  • Optional extension of the UV-VIS range (190 - 1100nm)
  • Optional extension of the spectral range into the NIR (700 - 1700nm) or (700 - 2100nm)
  • Step scan analyzer for high speed and low noise aquisition
  • Instant determination of thickness and refractive index of single or multi-layer samples
  • Variable angle from 10-90° automated angle from 10-90° is available
  • Broad range Psi and Delta data are measured automatically and fitted via the PHE-102 software
  • Mixture of new materials using known material properties
  • Built in library of material properties; includes several hundred material models

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