AA3000/5000 Scanning Probe Microscope Systems from Angstrom Advanced

Angstrom Advanced offers the AA3000 and AA5000 Scanning Probe Microscopes that are customized for research and industry applications. The instruments enable users to carry out fast and simple analysis and can be customized to measure large sample size. In the AA3000 model, the detector is built directly into the base, and this eliminates the possibility of damaging it through handling.

The AA3000 is designed to perform lateral force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, contact mode, and tapping mode. The instrument can handle complex multi-functional tasks and is integrated with a real-time operating system of SPM/DNA and a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) TMS320C642.

Similar to the AA3000 model, the AA5000 Scanning Probe Microscope is embedded with a real-time operating system of SPM/DNA and a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) TMS320C642. It includes a full coverage of SPM techniques - STM, LFM, AFM, conductive AFM, EFM, MFM, nano-processing, and environmental control SPM.

Key Features

The main features of the AA3000/5000 Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) systems are:

  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • Real time operating system
  • Atomic-scale of resolution
  • Large sample size
  • Full digital control, auto system status recognition
  • Multi-function: AFM, LFM, STM, conductive AFM, MFM and EFM
  • Multi-mode: Contacting mode, tapping mode, phase imaging and lifting mode
  • Multi-Analysis: Granularity and roughness
  • Data load-out for further analysis
  • Simply change of the tip holder to switch between STM and AFM
  • Fast automatically tip-engaging
  • Nano-movie function: Continuous data collection, storage and replay
  • Modularized design for easy maintenance and future upgrades

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