Heavy Duty, Modular Universal Tribometer from Rtec Instruments

The heavy duty Universal Tribometer from Rtec Instruments can take a load of up to 5000N. The tribometer is a powerful tool, ideal for traditional industries due to its floor standing form factor, easily interchangeable modules and close loop down force control.

Key Features

The key features of the Universal Tribometer are:

  • Modular Design – The tribometer features a modular design. It takes less than 5 mins to change the configuration of the tester completely. The same tester can accommodate reciprocating, fretting, rotary, linear and block on ring drives.

  • Indentation, tribology, scratch and mechanical heads can be accommodated in the same tester. This construction helps in running several ASTM/DIN/ISO standard tests on the same tool with ease.

  • Insitu Imaging (topography, chemical, stress, 3d image etc.)- The platform has a number of integrated imaging modules such as interferometer, AFM, confocal microscope, laser profiler, raman microscope etc. for 3D surface imaging on the platform during or after or before the test without taking sample out of tool that is all tribology, mechanical, topography, chemical etc. data integrated.

  • Automatic Stribeck curve – The tester can automatically plot friction vs load/velocity curves at different temperatures and humidity. This curve enables is differentiating between different samples.

  • Ultra high precision – The tribometer can achieve high repeatability and precision by high end electronics, closed loop feedback and all motions programmable independently.


The applications of the Universal Tribometer are:

  • Heavy duty - pin/ball/disk on disk/plate, fretting, tapping torque, cylinder on cylinder, piston ring liner, lubricant, metal working fluids, four ball, EP wear etc.
  • Nano and micro tribology - coatings, thin films, hair, shampoo, decorative coatings, lotions, DLC, friction less coatings, lenses etc.
  • Industries - Automotive, cosmetic, aerospace, chemical , polymer, coatings, paint, semiconductor etc.
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