Versatile Nano Tribometer with Integrated Analysis Modules from Rtec Instruments

The Nano Tribometer from Rtec Instruments can control loads from nN to 1000mN or 250N. It is a benchtop type and the various modules can be easily interchanged and closed loop down force control makes this tribometer a power tool in hands of researchers.

Key Features

The key features of the Nano Tribometer are:

  • Modular Design - It takes under 5 minutes to completely change the tester configuration. The same tester can accommodate rotary , reciprocating , fretting, block on ring and linear drives. The same tester can accommodate tribology, indentation, scratch and mechanical heads. The modular construction helps in running a number of DIN/ASTM/ISO standard tests on the same tool with ease.

  • The unique and versatile platform enables the user to run several ASTM/ISO/DIN etc. standards on same tool. Same tester can be used to run tests from nN to 1000mN, -100 to 1500C temperature, run tribology, indentation, scratch etc. tests on same platform

  • Insitu Imaging (topography, chemical etc.) - The platform comes with integrated imaging modules such as interfererometer, AFM, confocal microscope, laser profiler, raman microscope etc. for 3D surface imaging on the platform during/after/before the test without taking sample out of tool i.e all tribology, mechanical, topography, chemical etc. data integrated.

  • Close Loop Down Force Control - The platform has advanced close loop down force control that allows it to precisely control very low force as the sample moves (rotates, reciprocates etc.).


The applications of the Nano Tribometer are:

  • NanoCoatings - thin films, hair, shampoo, decorative coatings, lotions, DLC, friction less coatings, lenses etc.Medium dutyPin/ball/disk on disk/plate, fretting, linear motion etc.
  • Industries - Automotive, cosmetic, aerospace, chemical , polymer, coatings, paint, semiconductor etc.
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