Specimen Stub Storage Boxes and Tubes from Agar Scientific

Agar Scientific offers tubes for storing and transporting SEM specimens. They are designed to hold the stub securely in the base of the tube and are available for stubs with M4 thread (Hitachi), 12.5mm diameter pin stubs, and 38mm diameter pin stubs.

Cardboard box with an insert is also available to hold storage tubes. The box can hold 10 stub storage tubes and come with or without storage tubes. In addition, kits are provided that include storage box, 10 pin stubs (AGG301), 10 storage tubes (AGG3626), 10 labels, and a variety of adhesive discs. These kits are useful for collecting samples from distant locations for SEM analysis. Pin stubs (AGG301) with pre-mounted carbon adhesive discs are also available.

Agar Scientific also offers lightweight, transparent, plastic stub storage boxes. Available in three designs, the boxes can accommodate 3 to 12 stubs. Other products include wooden storage box, SEM-STOR paper box storage for pin mounts, and mini desiccator.

Key Features

The main features of the specimen stub storage boxes and tubes are:

  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Designed to hold stubs firmly in the base of the tube
  • Can hold up to 12 stub storage tubes
  • Suitable for collecting samples from distant locations for SEM analysis
  • Ideal for storing and transporting SEM specimens
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