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Agar Scientific offers a wide range of sample preparation equipment for microscopy applications. Their equipment range includes pestle and mortar sets, weighing boats, and pipettes.

Agar supplies porcelain pestle and mortar sets with a spout and unglazed grinding surface. Agate pestle and mortar sets are also available, which can be used for very hard samples and are much harder than porcelain. This helps in reducing the level of impurities introduced into the sample during grinding.

Diamond-shaped disposable weighing boats are manufactured from high impact polystyrene. They can be bent to give a funnel shape, thus eliminating spillage on transfer of contents. They are available in black or white, in three sizes. Anti-static material weighing boat is another product designed for dispensing liquid and powdered materials.

Plastic pipettes are recommended where it is critical to prevent the possibility of glass fragments, such as in embedded blocks.

Other products include disposable dishes, papers, snappers, and syringes.

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