High Vacuum/UHV System for Purity Deposition: Nanosys Series

High Vacuum/UHV System for Purity Deposition: Nanosys Series

The Nanosys500 system offers true UHV integrity combined with features critical to enable the user to explore full potential of nanoparticle deposition. The main chamber includes a spherical construction with all port axes passing through the centre-point. The chamber has internal welds and is polished for minimizing out-gassing.

Numerous ports are offered for deposition components, with emphasis on below-horizontal alignment to accommodate instruments that use crucibles to contain an evaporant, such as effusion cells. The chamber can be optionally equipped with removable cross-contamination shielding in applications where high rates of deposition are required. 

The system makes use of turbodrag pumps with dry backing pumps as standard, enabling pressures in the low 10-9 or 10-10Torr to be achieved (after bakeout).

Key Features

The key features of the Nanosys Series are:

  • In the basic system, sample entry can be made through a quick-load hinged door (o-ring sealed). For true UHV applications it is necessary to use a sample entry load-lock.
  • The sample table/manipulator can fit 2" or multiple smaller samples and can be modified for a number of custom configurations.
  • Nanosys500 is usually fitted with a nanoparticle source NanoGen50 to allow controlled nanoparticle deposition onto the sample.
  • E-beam evaporators are installed for thin film deposition of refractory metals or high-temperature ceramics.
  • RF ion sources can be incorporated into the system for etching or assisted deposition
  • Mantis Deposition manufactures RF plasma sources which are used to generate beams of higly reactive atomic oxygen or nitrogen. 
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