Critical Point Dryer with High Sample Visibility – E3000 from Quorum Technologies

The E3100 from Quorum Technologies has an innovative design that offers unequalled visibility of the critical point drying process and an excellent view of the fluid level in the chamber. Unlike most of the more complicated critical point dryer designs, it is much easier to see the phase change at the critical point.

The E3100 has a large process chamber (63.5 mm internal diameter x 82 mm in length) and is supplied with holder (“boat”) nine specimen baskets.

Key Features

The key features of the E3100 are:

• Simple robust construction, which is easy to maintain and many critical point dryer users carry out their own routine maintenance

• Large viewing window and horizontal chamber - excellent visibility of the fluid level and drying process

• Large robust valves for draining of fluids, ingress of CO2 and venting of gas is very durable; the rapid ingress of CO2 helps prevents pre-drying of specimens

  • • Optional specimen holders for coverslips and TEM grids. Porous pots are available for fragile or very small specimens
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