Rapid Particle Size and Shape Analysis of Suspensions - Sysmex FPIA-300

The Sysmex FPIA 3000 is a completely automated dynamic flow particle imaging instrument for quick and consistent measurement of the shape and size of particles in suspension.

The use of the FPIA 3000 is a very simple 3 step process:

  • The sample is added by the user in the form of an aqueous or non-aqueous suspension to the instrument using a pipette: typically between 1-5ml of sample is required
  • The measurement, data analysis and instrument cleaning all run automatically via an electronic SOP to ensure consistent results time after time
  • Further data analysis, report printing and data export can be performed after the measurement if required

The FPIA 3000 has been designed with the needs of a QC lab in mind and makes size and shape analysis of particles in suspension a straightforward and routine task. The instrument itself can take care of the sample preparation, measurement and cleaning. Equally the unparalleled image quality and flexible software makes it a highly effective R&D tool.

Key Features

The key features of the Sysmex FPIA 3000 are:

  • Measures materials from 0.8µm to 300µm
  • Fully automated analysis and self-cleaning in approximately 2.5 minutes
  • Unique sheath flow technology keeps even the smallest particles in sharp focus
  • Simple easy-to-use operation, ideal for routine QC analysis
  • In-built sonication option for difficult to disperse samples
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