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High Sensitivity Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) – MicroMag 2900 Series from Lake Shore

The MicroMag™ 2900 Series vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) establishes a new performance standard for vibrating sample magnetometers. High sensitivity (0.5 µemu at 1s/point, 0.1µemu at 10 s/point), high speed measurements (10ms/point), a fast, four-quadrant power supply, and either a 2-in or 4-in laboratory electromagnet as well as comprehensive Windows®-based operating software render the 3900 series as an advanced magnetic measurement system.

A driver head providing continuous rotation about the z-axis (under computer control) facilitates anisotropy measurements. Precision x, y, z translation stages enable quick and precise sample placement. Sample holders accommodate a wide range of solids, thin films, powders and liquids. A quick-release collet and reduced length drive rods allow rapid sample interchange.

Key Features

The key features of the MicroMag 2900 series are:

  • High sensitivity (0.5µemu standard deviation at 1s/point)
  • Hardware and software compatible with 2900 Series AGM systems
  • Versatile, quick-change sample holders
  • Continuous sample rotation about z-axis under computer control
  • High and low temperature accessories
  • High speed four quadrant magnet power supply
  • Comprehensive, easy to use Windows-based application software
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