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MicroMag 2900 Series Alternating Gradient Magnetometer for Magnetic Nanomaterials and Data Storage Applications – Lake Shore

The MicroMag™ 2900 Series alternating gradient magnetometer (AGM) is a powerful system for determining the magnetic properties of a vast range of materials. The system includes a personal computer, comprehensive Windows® based operating software, and a color printer.

The system is available with a 2-in or 4-in laboratory electromagnet, each powered by a fast four-quadrant power supply, all under computer control. For low temperature studies, an optional LHe variable temperature cryostat with fully integrated temperature controller is available.

The key components of the AGM system, which include system operating software are fully compatible with the MicroMag™ 3900 Series VSM, permitting a combination of the techniques to serve an even greater range of applications. The integrated design of the combination VSM/AGM system is an economic way of having maximum measurement capability.

Key Features

The key features of the MicroMag 2900 series alternating gradient magnetometer are:

  • Extremely high sensitivity (10 nanoemu standard deviation at 1 s/point)
  • Hardware and software compatible with 3900 Series VSM systems
  • Maximum sample size: 5 mm × 5 mm × 2 mm, (<=200 mg with robust x-axis probe)
  • Low temperature accessories
  • High speed four quadrant magnet power supply
  • Comprehensive, easy to use Windows® based application software
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