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Aura Filtration Fume Cupboards - PuriCore Scientific

Aura Filtration Fume Cupboards - PuriCore Scientific

Aura next-generation cupboards available from PuriCore Scientific are designed to filter chemical fumes. The units provide a high level of operator protection with a flexible and environmentally sound method of fume and particulate containment.

These ductless cupboards are designed to recirculate clean air back into the laboratory and eliminate the need for additional heating or ventilation in the room. These features make them perfect for use in air-conditioned rooms and clean rooms.

PuriCore offers custom designed, multi-use, and specially impregnated Activated Carbon filters; HEPA filters are also available for particle removal. Airflow sensor automatically maintains a pre-set level of airflow in the event of lower door opening during use and inhibits flow reduction caused by progressive blockage of pre-filter and HEPA filter.

Additionally, a secondary safety filter can help customers achieve a broader application, for instance particulate and fume removal can be combined for use in clean rooms. This will also ensure compliance to all recommended safety standards in the future.

All standard and bespoke models come with an option of monitoring systems to suit specific needs of customers. Custom cupboards are also available.

Key Features

The main features of the Aura filtration fume cupboards are:

  • 3 level fume monitor
  • Continuous airflow sensor and digital readout with warning alarms
  • Continuous display of filter type
  • Membrane control fascia and keypad
  • Good visibility
  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent lighting
  • Safety filter option
  • Large main filters
  • Large working aperture
  • Internal pre-filter
  • Constant face velocity
  • Filtrak clamping system
  • Deep removable spillage tray
  • Sloping front

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