UP200St VialTweeter - Laboratory Homogenizer from Hielscher

UP200St VialTweeter  - Laboratory Homogenizer from Hielscher

In laboratories, often multiple samples have to be prepared simultaneously at the same process conditions. Hielscher’s UP200St VialTweeter is a reliable lab homogenizer that allows users to mix, homogenize, emulsify, dissolve, disintegrate or degas a liquid medium.

Combined with the digital ultrasonic processor UP200St, the new VialTweeter block sonotrode allows for easy and effective sonication of up to 10 vials, such as storage vials, autosampler vials, reagent vials, etc. concurrently without any cross contamination. Sonication results are also uniform and reproducible since the same ultrasound intensity is delivered to each sample. Moreover, due to the principle of indirect sonication, no probe is dipped into the sample, thereby sample loss and cross contamination is completely eliminated.

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks and baths offer only low ultrasound energy which results in incomplete sample preparation results. In contrast, the VialTweeter transmits strong ultrasonic forces via the vessels into the sample. During indirect sonication, the test tubes remain permanently closed so that the sample is not spoiled or contaminated.

Key Features

The main features of the UP200St VialTweeter are:

  • Intense sonication of up to 10 vials concurrently
  • Indirect sonication prevents cross contamination and sample loss
  • Indirect sonication allows for high ultrasonic energy transmission via vessel wall into the sample
  • Adjustable and controllable amplitude ensures reproducible results
  • Autoclavable
  • Enables to sonicate larger tubes
  • Adjustable pulse mode from 0 to 100%
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