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AZojono - Journal of Nanotechnology Online

AZojono - Journal of Nanotechnology Online

Peer Review Team
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Journal Papers Date Added Author Names DOI
Cross-Linker Mediated Biofunctionalization of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes with Glucose Oxidase 24/6/2009 Poonam Yadav, Ram Ajore, Lalit .M. Bharadwaj 10.2240/azojono0130

Preparation of Silver Nanoparticles and Their Characterization

17/6/2009 R. Das, S. S. Nath, D. Chakdar, G. Gope, R. Bhattacharjee 10.2240/azojono0129

Characterization of CdS and ZnS Quantum Dots Prepared via A Chemical Method on SBR Latex

6/3/2008 S.S. Nath, D. Chakdar, G. Gope and D K Avasthi 10.2240/azojono0128

Development of Measurement Set-up for Electromechanical Analysis of Bucky Paper Actuators

DESYGN IT - Special Edition

16/11/2007 Urszula Kosidlo, Daniel Georg Weis, Klaus Hying, Mohammad H. Haque and Ivica Kolaric 10.2240/azojono0127

Tailoring the Wettability of Carbon Nanotube Powders, Bucky Papers and Vertically Aligned Nanofibers by Plasma Assisted Functionalization

DESYGN IT - Special Edition

16/11/2007 Uwe Vohrer, Justin Holmes, Zhonglai Li, AunShih Teh, Pagona Papakonstantinou, Manuel Ruether and Werner Blau 10.2240/azojono0126

Producing Controlled Grid Patterns of Nanotube Arrays for Strengthening Polymer Composites

DESYGN IT - Special Edition

16/11/2007 Emer Lahiff, Kentaro Nakajima, A.I. Minett and W. J. Blau 10.2240/azojono0125

Structural and Physical Properties of Mo6SxI9-x Molecular Nanowires

DESYGN IT - Special Edition

16/11/2007 D. Dvorsek, D. Vengust, V. Nicolosi, W.J. Blau, J.C. Coleman and D. Mihailovic 10.2240/azojono0124

Selection of Application Specific Single and Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes by In Situ Characterization of Conductive and Field Emission Properties

DESYGN IT - Special Edition

16/11/2007 Jana Andzane, Joseph M. Tobin, Zhonglai Li, Juris Prikulis, Mark Baxendale, Håkan Olin, Justin D. Holmes and Donats Erts 10.2240/azojono0123

The Synthesis of Bamboo Structured Carbon Nanotubes on MgO Supported Bimetallic Cu-Mo Catalysts

DESYGN IT - Special Edition

16/11/2007 Zhonglai Li, Hongzhe Zhang, Joe Tobin, Michael A. Morris, Jieshan Qiu, Gary Attard and Justin D. Holmes 10.2240/azojono0122

Chemical Vapour Deposition Grown Carbon Nanotubes for Interconnect Technology

DESYGN IT - Special Edition

16/11/2007 Rory W. Leahy, Emer Lahiff , Andrew I. Minett and Werner J. Blau 10.2240/azojono0121

The Role of Nanotechnologies in Development and Poverty Alleviation: A Matter of Controversy

15/11/2007 Noela Invernizzi, Guillermo Foladori and Donald Maclurcan 10.2240/azojono0120

Prospects for Medical Robots

12/11/2007 Vadali Shanthi and Sravani Musunuri 10.2240/azojono0119
Current Voltage Characteristics of Intrinsic Guanine Rich λ-DNA Sequences 7/11/2007 Ram Ajore, Inderpreet Kaur, R.C.Sobti and Lalit M. Bharadwaj 10.2240/azojono0118

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Carbon Nanotube Based Cellular Probes

4/10/2007 Alia Sabur 10.2240/azojono0117
Cancer Research - Nanoparticles, Nanobiosensors and Their Use in Cancer Research 12/09/2007 Priya Pathak, V. K. Katiyar and Shibashish Giri 10.2240/azojono0116
A Review of Microcantilevers for Sensing Applications 18/06/2007 Sandeep Kumar Vashist 10.2240/azojono0115
Multi-Functional Nanoparticles and Their Role in Cancer Drug Delivery – A Review 11/05/2007 Priya Pathak and V. K. Katiyar 10.2240/azojono0114
Review of Quantum Dot Technologies for Cancer Detection and Treatment 13/09/2006 Sandeep Kumar Vashist, Rupinder Tewari, Ram Prakash Bajpai, Lalit Mohan Bharadwaj and Roberto Raiteri 10.2240/azojono0113
Binding of Carbon Nanotubes Dispersed by Optical Tweezer on Silicon Surface 10/06/2006 Sandeep Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Ranvinder Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Awdhesh Kumar Shukla, V.K. Jindal and Lalit M. Bharadwaj 10.2240/azojono0112
Recent Advances in Novel Drug Delivery Systems 24/04/2006 Costas Kaparissides, Sofia Alexandridou, Katerina Kotti and Sotira Chaitidou 10.2240/azojono0111
In the Public Eye: The Early Landscape of Nanotechnology among Canadian and U.S. Publics 30/12/2005 Edna Einsiedel 10.2240/azojono0110
Comparative Study by X-Ray Reflectivity of Mesoporous Silica Thin Films Templated by F127 and P123 Surfactants 06/12/2005 Alain Gibaud, Mark J. Henderson, Maggy Colas, Sandrine Dourdain, Jean-François Bardeau and John W. White 10.2240/azojono0108
From Nautilus to Nanobo(a)ts: The Visual Construction of Nanoscience 22/12/2005 Brigitte Nerlich 10.2240/azojono0109
Direct Observation of Single Catalytic Events of Chitosanase by Atomic Force Microscopy 5/12/2005 Markus Arnoldi, Tilman Schäffer, Monika Fritz and Manfred Radmacher 10.2240/azojono0107
Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes/Natural Rubber Nanocomposite 29/11/2005 Muataz Ali Atieh, Nazlia Girun, Fakhru’l-Razi Ahmadun, Chuah Teong Guan, El-Sadig Mahdi and Dayang Radia Baik 10.2240/azojono0106
Gold Nanoparticles on Modified Glass Surface as Height Calibration Standard for Atomic Force Microscopy Operating in Contact and Tapping Mode 11/11/2005 Beatrice Bonanni and Salvatore Cannistraro 10.2240/azojono0105
Nanotechnology and Developing Countries Part 2: What Realities? 19/10/2005 Donald C. Maclurcan 10.2240/azojono0104
Nanotechnology and Developing Countries. Part 1: What Possibilities? 30/9/2005 Donald C. Maclurcan 10.2240/azojono0103
Nanostructured Membranes: A New Class of Protonic Conductor for Miniature Fuel Cells 15/7/2005 Bernard Gauthier-Manuel and Tristan Pichonat 10.2240/azojono0102
Impact of Nanotechnology on Biomedical Sciences:-Review of Current Concepts on Convergence of Nanotechnology with Biology 18/5/2005 Herbert Ernest and Rahul Shetty 10.2240/azojono0101
AFM, STM and Ellipsometry Characterization of A Monolayer of Azurin Molecules Self-Assembled on A Gold Surface in Air 5/5/2005 Anna Rita Bizzarri, Laura Andolfi, Michel Stchakovsky and Salvatore Cannistraro 10.2240/azojono0100