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Droplet Junction Chip Ensures High-Yields and Consistency

Published on April 8, 2009 at 8:42 PM

Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the Mitos Droplet Junction Chip, a glass microfluidic device designed for droplet generation. With two separate droplet junctions, the chip is able to produce a high droplet yield while maintaining consistency in size. Compatible with the Mitos Chip Holder H for fast and reliable fluidic connection, the droplet junction chip is ideal for monodispersed droplet formation as well as emulsion formation.

Depending on several physical parameters, such as channel size, fluid viscosity and miscibility, total flow rate and flow stability, droplets are typically formed with a diameter between 80 - 120 µm. Furthermore, between 100 - 3,000 droplets can be produced per second in a single channel. Droplet consistency is easily maintained throughout an application, providing extremely steady and reliable data. With an exceptionally small size of 22.5 mm x 15 mm x 4 mm (length x width x thickness), the Mitos Droplet Junction Chip provides a straight-through path for droplets, with high visibility. The two junctions within the chip can be used separately or in combination, as suited for various applications.

A range of customised options enable the chip to be tailored to fulfil individual user specifications. As such, it can be provided with a range of geometries, including different channel depths and etchings. As the surface of the channel walls has an effect on the nature of the droplet formation, Dolomite chips are available with hydrophilic, hydrophobic, platinum, or custom coatings. With outstanding chemical compatibility and the ability to operate across a wide range of temperatures and pressures, the Mitos Droplet Junction Chip is the ideal lab-on-a-chip solution for monodispersed droplet formation and emulsion formation.

For further information about the Mitos Droplet Junction Chip, or any of Dolomite's innovative range of microfluidic connectors / interconnects, chips, pumps and valves, please visit

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