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New Software Offers New Possibilities and More Convenience for All Areas of Life Science

AxioVision Version 4.8 software from Carl Zeiss offers new possibilities and more convenience for all areas of the life sciences and for industrial applications in which digital microscopy is used for routine tasks. The functionalities have been expanded and the operation of the software optimized: the Fluorescence Lite software module for AxioVision LE and the AxioCam ICm1 camera optimized for biomedical applications provide an economical combination of software and hardware which has been precisely tailored to the needs of routine applications and supports the use of manual microscopes. The software packages for materials applications comprise compact and cost-efficient total solutions for routine tasks in industry.

The AxioVision Version 4.8 software from Carl Zeiss makes digital microscopy even more convenient for routine examinations in industry and labs.

For materials microscopy, AxioVision Version 4.8 has been expanded by the three software packages “Materials Core”, “Image Analysis Upgrade” and “Motorization Upgrade”. The “Materials Core” package combines important AxioVision functionalities for acquisition, image analysis and documentation which had to be purchased as separate modules until now. The “Motorization Upgrade” not only contains a function for the acquisition of Z-stack images which is specially adapted to the needs of materials microscopy, but also offers the possibility of acquiring MosaiX images of large surfaces.

The proven application modules for metallography (particle analysis, non-metallic inclusions in steel, grain size analysis, multiphase analysis, cast iron analysis, comparative diagrams) have been further improved.

The Dual Camera module of the AxioVision Version 4.8 software now also supports Photometrics PVCAM cameras, including the Evolve model. Furthermore, the new software version allows the Definite Focus instrument module to be used even more easily and flexibly for screenings in biomedical research.

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